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Codefresh Delete Accounts

Delete accounts.

Codefresh Post Accounts Adduser

Post accounts adduser.

Codefresh Delete Accounts Admin

Delete accounts admin.

Codefresh Post Accounts Admin

Post accounts admin.

Codefresh Post Accounts Adduser

Post accounts adduser.

Codefresh Post Accounts Update

Post accounts update.

Codefresh Post Accounts Updateuser

Post accounts updateuser.

Codefresh Get Accounts Users

Get accounts users.

Codefresh Get Admin Accounts

Get admin accounts.

Codefresh Post Admin Accounts

Post admin accounts.

Codefresh Post Admin Accounts Addpendinguser

Post admin accounts addpendinguser.

Codefresh Delete Admin Accounts

Delete admin accounts.

Codefresh Get Admin Accounts

Get admin accounts.

Codefresh Post Admin Accounts Update

Post admin accounts update.

Codefresh Get Builds

Get builds.

Codefresh Get Builds Buildid

Get builds buildid.

Codefresh Post Builds Buildid Update

Post builds buildid update.

Codefresh Post Builds Serviceid

Post builds serviceid.

Codefresh Get Compositions

Get compositions.

Codefresh Post Compositions

Post compositions.

Codefresh Delete Compositions

Delete compositions.

Codefresh Put Compositions

Put compositions.

Codefresh Post Compositions Duplicate

Post compositions duplicate.

Codefresh Get Compositions Entifier

Get compositions entifier.

Codefresh Post Compositions Entifier Run

Post compositions entifier run.

Codefresh Get Environments

Get environments.

Codefresh Get Environments All Terminate

Get environments all terminate.

Codefresh Get Environments Pause

Get environments pause.

Codefresh Get Environments Rename Newname

Get environments rename newname.

Codefresh Get Environments Start

Get environments start.

Codefresh Get Environments Status

Get environments status.

Codefresh Get Environments Stop

Get environments stop.

Codefresh Get Environments Terminate

Get environments terminate.

Codefresh Get Environments Unpause

Get environments unpause.

Codefresh Get Features Accountid

Get features accountid.

Codefresh Get Images

Get images.

Codefresh Parameters Images External

Parameters images external.

Codefresh Post Images External

Post images external.

Codefresh Get Images Imageid

Get images imageid.

Codefresh Get Images Imagename Tags

Get images imagename tags.

Codefresh Get Images Internalimageid Metadata

Get images internalimageid metadata.

Codefresh Post Images Internalimageid Metadata

Post images internalimageid metadata.

Codefresh Delete Images Internalimageid Metadata Keyname

Delete images internalimageid metadata keyname.

Codefresh Get Payments

Get payments.

Codefresh Post Payments

Post payments.

Codefresh Get Payments Plans

Get payments plans.

Codefresh Get Pipelines

Get pipelines.

Codefresh Post Pipelines

Post pipelines.

Codefresh Delete Pipelines Name

Delete pipelines name.

Codefresh Get Pipelines Name

Get pipelines name.

Codefresh Put Pipelines Name

Put pipelines name.

Codefresh Get Progress Download

Get progress download.

Codefresh Get Progress

Get progress.

Codefresh Post Provers Github Hook

Post provers github hook.

Codefresh Post Registry Auth Token

Post registry auth token.

Codefresh Post Repos Settings

Post repos settings.

Codefresh Get Repos Settings Repoowner Reponame

Get repos settings repoowner reponame.

Codefresh Post Runtime Testit

Post runtime testit.

Codefresh Get User

Get user.

Codefresh Post User Changeaccount Accountid

Post user changeaccount accountid.

Codefresh Get Workflow

Get workflow.

Codefresh Post Workflow Repoowner Reponame File

Post workflow repoowner reponame file.

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